Super Battle Arcade

The Super Battle Arcade keg console is a tribute to 80s gaming, encased in expired craft beer kegs. The gaming software was custom written by two talented programmers in Germany and this is the only console in the United States. Two players go head to head for four minutes in six arcade challenges (Tetris, Asteroids, Invaders, 100m Dash, Tron and Pong) in random order. With the simplicity and familiarity of games, it takes little to no gaming experience to enjoy the machine – and the console requires no instruction. Visuals are put at a super low rez 96x64 pixels to give the game a fun and retro feel, and it can be projected up to an impressive 18 feet wide on a variety of surfaces. The soundtrack is modern and bumping, and can fill a party with lively music – or can operate in silence if you prefer. The Super Battle Arcade was built to entertain, and it does its job well. It’s amazing to watch people light up not only playing it, but also for those spectating with a kid-like grin on their face.


  • a dark environment, for the projector to be able to display. I can also patch into existing installed projectors and televisions
  • one 120v outlet. all components are relatively low power draw – a 10amp circuit is fine
  • a wall to project on (game can be displayed up to 18 feet wide, 13 feet tall), I can also provide a screen if necessary
  • a crowd that’s ready to have some fun!
if any of the above is a little confusing, or you have a more custom idea – just contact me via the form and we’ll figure it out

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